‘My Study in France’: Collège de Paris and Study Experience join forces to launch France’s first French-language university pathway programme

Taking inspiration from the Foundation Programme model that currently exists in all English speaking countries, Collège de Paris and Study Experience have developed a French language programme that combines language instruction to academic preparation, in view of enabling students to pursue studies in France’s top schools. Three pathways are currently available: Business, Art & Design or Fashion. The programme is divided into terms and can be undertaken from 3 months to a full year.

For an international student wanting to study in France, two major obstacles currently make things difficult: the language barrier and the need to pass entry exams in order to access the best schools. The concept of My Study in France is to resolve both these issues, by enabling students to attain the B2 level in French, required within the European Framework, and by offering them a quality preparation programme to access French higher education. French language instruction is provided by ELFE, a top quality French language school located in the heart of Paris, which benefits from both FLE and Campus France accreditation.

The fantastic added value of My Study in France is that admission into a French higher education institution is 100% guaranteed, provided that the students complete the minimum language requirement.

My Study in France not only offers academic preparation but is also a unique way to facilitate integration into the French student culture. The programme handles all pre-departure logistics, such as accommodation, visa applications, airport pickup, administrative assistance… This individualized support enables My Study in France to offer the same kind of high level student support currently offered by international university campuses.

Three pathways are offered to the student, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. On top of the language and test preparation, all students will follow specialized courses with French students, at Institut Supérieur de l’Entreprise or Atelier Françoise Conte, depending on their chosen pathway.

The Business Foundation prepares students for access to French Business Schools. Admission is guaranteed into Institut Supérieur de l’Entreprise, located in La Défense (Paris’ business district), but students may also prepare admission tests for all French Business schools. A partnership is in place with Pass World, to facilitate access to France’s best ranked schools.

The Art & Design Foundation focuses on portfolio and interview preparation. Admission is guaranteed into Atelier Françoise Conte, in Paris, but students will have the option of applying to any number of French art schools, all the while benefiting from the help of highly qualified teachers and counselors.

This French programme would not be complete without a Foundation course in Fashion. Once again, students will have guaranteed admission into Atelier Françoise Conte but will also prepare their portfolio and interview skills throughout the year.

Of course, every student is different and has specific objectives. One of the great things about My Study in France is that all options remain open throughout and after the programme. European students may choose, for example, to opt for admission into a French public university after their foundation programme, thereby gaining access to free tuition in one of the world’s best education systems.

In 2014, My Study in France aims to add a fourth pathway programme, for students aiming to gain access into France’s world renowned engineering schools.

About us:

French centre of academic excellence, the Collège de Paris education group is comprised of several schools, including ELFE, Institut Supérieur de l’Entreprise and Ateliers Françoise Conte http://www.collegedeparis.fr/

Contact Collège de Paris: Olivier de Lagarde – odelagarde@collegedeparis.fr – +33 (0)6 65 49 50 62

Study Experience is a study abroad recruitment agency based in Paris. Their primary mission is to help students from around the world access the higher education institutions that best suit their profile and needs http://www.studyexperience.fr/

Contact Study Experience: Marc McHugo – marc.mchugo@studyexperience.fr – +33 (0)1 71 19 96 47

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