Condiciones generales de venta


Minimum age: 18 years – Please return the enrolment form with a deposit of 400 € or with the total cost of tuition and accommodation. Upon receipt of your enrolment form, we will send you a full confirmation and an invoice. Your enrolment will be considered valid, and the documents necessary for obtaining a visa will be sent only upon reception of the deposit.


- between 4 and 2 weeks before the start of the course : 400 € deposit not reimbursed + a 50 € cancellation fee

- Less than 2 weeks before the start of the course: the cost of one week of tuition and accommodation will be retained

- Course already begun: ELFE reserves the right to keep the total amount.

If the student does not obtain their visa, the deposit will be reimbursed (minus our 85 € registration fee).


Payment is to be made out to ELFE in euros (all bank fees are to be paid by the student). The balance of the invoice is to be paid on the first day of the course.


ELFE accepts no liability for any loss, damage or injury incurred in whatever way. Students are invited to take out comprehensive personal insurance (health and liability).


- by bank transfer to ELFE with your name and invoice number clearly marked to:

International transfer (from an account abroad)

IBAN (International bank account number):
FR76 3005 6007 5007 5040 3194 757
SWIFT BIC CODE (Bank Identifier code): CCFRFRPP

National transfer (from an account within France)
RIB: identifiant national de compte – French Bank account Number

ACCOUNT HOLDER (Titulaire du compte): ELFE
PAYING BANK (Domiciliation): HSBC PARIS 4SEPT: 15, rue du 4 septembre – 75002 Paris – France
BANK CODE (code banque): 30056
BRANCH CODE (Code guichet): 00750
ACCOUNT NUMBER (Numéro de compte): 07504031947
KEY DIGITS (clé RIB): 57

- by Euro cheque, travellers’ cheque, cheque in euros

- by credit card here at ELFE


ELFE is open all year round, except during national holidays and Christmas.