• General French Courses

    General French Courses

    Lessons are given in small groups with a maximum of 6 students. These mini-groups enhance teaching efficiency optimizing participation and interaction and developing the student’s autonomy within the class. ...

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  • Private <br />French


    Individual lessons are 60 minutes long, and are entirely flexible. General French – Structured to the student’s individual interests, level and timetable. The student can supplement mini-group courses with individual tuition and organise his week as he wishes. ...

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  • Combined Courses

    Combined Courses

    You can organize your personalized timetable with a mini-group course in the morning and individual tuition in the afternoon in order to work on more specific points.You can also choose to attend a cultural option in the afternoon if your … Continuer la lecture ...

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  • News


    Improve your French this summer!

    Elfe, French school of the Collège de Paris, offer various courses adapted to your needs in order to help you to progress quickly. The school has created two new special summer programmes. 2 special summer programmes Improve your French during … Continuer la lecture

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