To further improve our French immersion courses, CREA-LANGUES and ELFE offer you a formula combining courses in Paris and in Provence. Two regions and two sites but both with the same approach to learning: small groups (of 6 students max.) selected by level, teaching that is tailor-made for the individual and exceptional surroundings, all facilitating a better learning experience.

We offer several options : 1 week in Paris followed by 1 week in Provence (or vice versa); 2 weeks in Paris followed by 2 weeks in Provence (or vice versa), or 1 week in either Paris or Provence followed by 2 weeks at the other site. Other options are also available on demand.

Clientele : the programme Paris-Provence has been designed for adult learners.

Level : Learners from A1 to C1 (beginners to advanced) may begin their course at a site of their choosing, whether in Provence or in Paris. However, beginners must start their courses in Paris and attain level A1 before taking an immersion course in Provence.

Dates and fees : courses run from the 1st of April to the 30th of September

CREA LANGUES in Provence * ELFE in Paris *
1 week 1341 € (full board in double room) (6 nights)
1527 € (full board in single room) (6 nights)
1180 € (half board in standard single room) (6 nights)
1250 € (half board in executive single room) (6 nights)
2 weeks 2589 € (full board in double room) (13 nights)
2979 € (full board in single room) (13 nights)
2360 € (half board in standard single room) (13 nights)
2500 € (half board in executive single) (13 nights)


* Included in the course fees :

In Paris : a combined programme of 15 hours per week of general French in mini-groups every morning (3 hours a day from Monday to Friday) + 5 hours of general French in individual courses in two sessions + two guided excursions of 2.5 hours in Paris. The accommodation package is a stay with a French family from Sunday evening to Saturday morning with half board and bathroom shared with the family (standard) or private bathroom (executive) for those students who desire it.

In Provence : a total immersion package including 17.5 hours per week of morning courses in general French in mini-groups as well as afternoon excursions to both discover the region and practice the language in an informal context (usually lasting 3 hours), or the option of a language workshop (2hrs 15mins) and activities proposed in the evening and weekends. An extra option – courses in professional French (private or in tandem). Residential accommodation in a three – starred restored monastery standing in beautiful grounds of 8 hectares; spacious rooms with private bathroom; full board from Sunday evening to Saturday morning; all meals taken with the teachers.

Contact :

For courses beginning in Paris : Sophie Yar at sophie.yar@elfe-paris.com
For courses beginning in Provence : Hélène Pattyn at info@crealangues.com

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